Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan – A Review

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Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan – A Review

The World’s First Speaking Book on SAMPOORNA HANUMAN has been launched.

Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Stotra, Bhajan, Aarti in various languages, Chapters. world Renowned Singers, quality illustrations. Blessed Tilak from Hanuman Mandir Ayodhya & Varanasi. Hanuman Chalisa Sung in Different Melodies… Special Book for Kids – “Bal HANUMAN” with stories, illustrations and Fun.

Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan

World’s 1st Blessed Illustrated Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan in English, Hindi & Sanskrit And Many More Languages

  • INCLUDED COMPONENT :: 1 Sampoorna Hanumaan Book , 1 Bal Hanumaan – for Children, 1 Activity Card ,1 Gyan Vajra – Book Reader,1 Charger,1 Sankalpa Form
  • LANGUAGES :: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, Kannada
  • CONTENT :: About Ramchandar ji, About Hanuman Ji, Hanuman Chalisa, Ram Raksha Storta, Sunder Kaanda, Hanuman Bahuk, Bajraang Baan, Bhajans Aartis
  • SPECIAL BOOKS AND CARD FOR CHILDREN :: Baal Hanuman, Activity Cards

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Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan
Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan

Talking Sampoorna Hanuman

The world’s first speaking Hanuman is Sampoorna Hanuman and along with it, Bal Hanuman has also been given for children. Through this, this complete Hanuman was launched and it is in demand not only in India but all over the world.

It is a matter of great happiness for all of us friends, today we have received a wonderful gift from the company, from today the entire Hanuman has become available in our website.

It is said that only with the blessings of Hanuman ji, everyone’s sorrows and troubles in the whole world can be destroyed. Because in order to get rid of everyone’s sorrows and sufferings in Kalyug, Lord Shri Ram himself had ordered Hanuman ji to stay on earth till the end of Kalyug and save those who follow the path of religion and morality, you people in the answer Ramayana. Must have seen it yourself at the end.

‘Sampoorna Hanuman’ & ‘Bal Hanumaan’ | World’s 1st Speaking Book

Company launches a one-of-its-kind revolutionary product & The World’s First Speaking Book, ‘Sampoorna Hanumaan’. There is one more book created especially for children named ‘Bal Hanumaan’. These books will imbibe the learnings of Lord Hanumaan for the generations to come and preserve our great Indian values forever.

Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan
Speaking Sampoorna Hanumaan

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