​SEO Tips: Boost your SEO with small Budget

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​SEO Tips: Boost your SEO with small Budget

I see, most of the people are on the Internet with their small business or large scale business. They want to promote their website and due to crisis money, they do not hire anyone. In this blog post I will tell you, what you can do to lower expenditure of your internet marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization Technique Without Any Budget

By the way, if you are not planning to hire any SEO company, you can start promoting your website by yourself by the following techniques.

1. Make website or manage your existing website.

Start making a new website, if you do not have any website. If already have, you can perform maintenance of your website. You have to design and optimize your website for SEO prospects like following tips:

  • Fast Page Speed website
  • Create user friendly URLs of your website
  • Put correct Meta tags after researching the relevant keywords.
  • Create sitemap file
  • Make your website with smart navigation like menu items and left or right navigation pane.
  • Use your images and videos with good anchor text.
  • If you are using any external links, make it no-follow
  • Make your footer smart
  • Use only keyword optimized unique contents in your website.
  • Use h1 and h2 tags within the contents
  • Most of the on-page changes you have done yet, check and verify title, description, keywords, alt, H1, H2, web contents, it should have the keywords you are going to target.

2. Make it crawl able on the search engines

  • Something you can perform to make your website crawl able like following:
  • Submit sitemap files in the Google, Bing and yahoo webmasters.
  • Make a robots.txt file and upload in your FTP.
  • It will easily be listed on search engines, if it is being late, try to make a good link which is already crawled in the search engines.

3. Be social

It is very important to have social media profiles of any company. You can increase your fans by your quality services. Optimize your website with social profiles buttons, so that when people use your services, they could like or share your official websites from your website itself and become your fans.

Now they will be getting any latest update which you will do in your social official pages. From this activity, you will be getting 25% of your traffic from social sites. You don’t have to dependent on search engines. If traffic would come from search engine. i.e organic traffic, it is good enough for SEO prospects.

So, make your social profile pages if you do not have one. Use top websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

4. Start content marketing

  • Slide
  • Video
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Articles and Blog
  • Press media news

Always create helpful contents, so that people would know you and follow you at social media websites to get updated news by your fan pages.

5. List your website locally

  • Local directories or Local Backlink(By any activities and events)
  • Local classifieds
  • Google business
  • Local blogs and share in Social Media

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