SEO Tips: Bad link schemes not pass page rank

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SEO Tips: Bad link schemes not pass page rank

Google clearly said in their Google webmaster tool that any link intended to pass page rank or manipulate the Google search results or page rank can be the webmaster guidelines violation. Many spammers do these activities to manipulate search engines.

What happens, when someone hire fake SEO firm, they do not have any good strategy; they would start making bad links which are harmful for clients.

How to Make Link Building Strategy That Drive Sustainable Results? | ProiDeators
How to Make Link Building Strategy That Drive Sustainable Results? | ProiDeators

Bad link schemes not pass page rank

It is clearly said in webmaster guidelines, any bad links which is coming from your site or any outgoing links from your site. These are the following link building techniques which can be violation of Google webmaster tool like following:

  1. Buying paid links – people who do not know the latest changes who are still buying text or banner links from another website.
  2. Buy links by article marketing and guest blogging, what people do, they will hire someone for guest blogging and article marketing, and they create links regularly by using exact keyword anchor text.
  3. Link exchange – before Google panda and penguin update, lot of people used to do link exchange, for that reason, many website has been penalized by Google. This activity is still going on by people who do not know the latest updates. They are still sending link exchange request to various websites to gain links which Google does not like ever. Excessive of anything does not worth it.  It is also called reciprocal or cross linking.
  4. Automated link building techniques. People who are using any software to build links.

These are some bad linking process which does not pass the webmaster guidelines. Apart from those there are many such activities which also foes not pass the webmaster rules.

  1. People used to give money instead of putting links in articles, blogs and guest blogging which Google does not like. Google only like natural link building and quality links. If you make 1000 low quality links and someone make only 1 good quality link, it is more valuable than 1000 links.
  2. Many spammers SEO used to get links in forum sites by manipulative manner which is said spam link too.
  3. Bulk submission in low quality directory and bookmarking sites.
  4. Put many exact anchor text links in press releases, which is not good at all. Frankly speaking, it is said fake media news which is posted for only getting links to manipulate search engines.
  5. Text advertisement, link exchange and traditional advertisements like banner, header, footer, and blog roll links advertisements.
  6. Now a day people using widget advertisement in exact keyword linking which is also not good. We should make such kind of links.
  7. Do no create links in exact anchor text. Try to create link in long tail text.
  8. Do not create thousands of posts in your social profile. Only focus on creating post in your relevant services and products, share such contents which would get viral instead of creating irrelevant posts.
  9. Try not to get bad neighbor links like low quality social bookmarking sites, use only quality bookmarking sites to bookmark your contents.
  10. Do not spam by blog commenting, when people give URLs intentionally  in the comment text area, do not use short text in comment section, try to use long comment and give URLs in comment form itself with long description in the comment text area.
  11. Any kind of link which intentionally made is not good and does not pass page rank.

So, now it is advisable to all people, they should update themselves by latest algorithm of Google and if they could not make update themselves then try to make only quality links, it is worth for long term.

Try to make good and relevant contents which are helpful for people and got viral in the internet world. People would link you naturally. You do not have to make link manually. By creating good contents using long-tails search term (articles, guest blog, blogging, slides, videos, images), you will get links naturally which Google likes it.

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