How to download Hindi Fonts and type in Microsoft Word

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How to download Hindi Fonts and type in Microsoft Word

We talk about Hindi Fonts today, friends, there are many such places where we have to use our regional language, in talking, writing, computer, updation of our blog etc. I would like to share with you this important details with you regarding Hindi Mangal font in MS word, whenever you need to type or read hindi(Devnagri) font, you need to install hindi font in your Microsoft word, so that Hindi can be typed and read.

Download Hindi Fonts for MS Word Mangal Font Free Download 2007

For that you have to follow some simple steps for Mangal font downloading:

1. Just Open C:/Windows/fonts and Verify that Mangal.ttf is available or not
2. If available then direct jump to seventh step
3. If not available just download this mangal.ttf file from microsoft site or others sites
Microsoft site:
Other Website:
4. If your download ends, just go to your download folder and extract that file i.e mangal.ttf and copy it
Installing Hindi Fonts For Ms word for your Windows
5. Now go to that folder C:/Windows/Fonts and paste that file here.
6. All is done..done done london
7. Now open microsoft office
8. Go to insert menu and select font mangal and subset Devanagari
9. Start inserting the characters

For this kind you can type and also read the hindi characters in your ms-word. You can download hindi fonts for ms word many regional language like following :

1. Arabic : andlso.ttf etc
2. Punjabi Fonts: GurbaniAkharThick (GurAkh_T.ttf), prabhkii.ttf, gurbaniwebthick.ttf, gurbaniakhar.ttf
3. Bengali Fonts: Shonar Bangla(Shonar.ttf)
4. Tamil Fonts: TAU_Elango_Abirami, TAB-Abhirami etc
For this kind, you can find your regional language font name and install it for your ms word and enjoy writing in your regional language.

Download Hindi Fonts for Window 8 PC

At the time of installing from Microsoft website, you will be asked to choose your operating system, just choose window 8

Download Hindi Fonts for Window 10

You can download fonts from the Microsoft store. Here is the link:

How to Add Hindi Font In WordPress Website

If you are going to post in your wordpress website in hindi, there are many options, you can download above mentioned hindi fonts and prepare draft in microsoft word and post in your wordpress website. You can also post hindi wordpress plugins to write in various Indian languages. This plugin supports many Indian languages. By this kind, you can add hindi font in wordpress website.

Hope, You will find answer of your queries. If you have any question in your mind, please write in the comment section.

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