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Sitemile WordPress Fiverr Theme

The number 1 WordPress theme for micro job sites. Launch Your website in minutes.

Fiverr is one of the famous micro job site in the world. They offer many micro jobs in just $5. I am also the member of the site and earned a lot by completing many jobs and still earning a lot of money from this. Many entrepreneur people like you wants to make such site to earn a lot.

This website connect the both business entrepreneur and freelancers. You may be wondering that how to build a website like Fiverr with the help of Fiverr clone script WordPress. I will dictate you whole things and steps to make a website like Fiverr by using this Fiverr Clone Script theme for WordPress.

Fiverr Clone WordPress theme
Fiverr Clone WordPress theme

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About Best Fiverr Clone Script/theme for WordPress

This Fiverr Script clone has been coded for WordPress theme to make such micro job sites to help people. This is the best WordPress theme to make such sites. Example of such Micro job sites are:


This Sitemile Pricerr theme for WordPress will enable you to sell micro jobs and services in just a few clicks. The seller can make small job and services by creating gigs. They are earn a lot by giving such services. This Fiverr Clone WordPress theme is the best solutions for webmasters to launch their own website in minutes.

Micro Jobs Script

Fiverr Clone Theme is the best solutions for Micro Job Websites. You can make the same website like Fiverr and earn money.

Fastest way to make a micro job website like Fiverr

One of the fastest ways to start a micro job website like Fiverr is to use a Fiverr clone script. These are ready made micro jobs script. They are pre developed and pre created in such a way that it can make several sites like Fiverr.

WordPress Pricerr Microjob Theme

They have functions and properties like Fiverr. They also provide you a powerful website administration interface to deal with the whole website easily. Allows us see some of the benefits and drawbacks of this Fiverr Theme.

Helps you to save plenty of efforts and cost of developing a micro jobs script

Every element of the Best Fiverr Clone Script is written to function like Fiverr. This protects your money to select a programming structure and develop codes from the the beginning. Approximately it saves around 3 to 4 months of programming process. Sitemile also offers responsive auction wordpress themes to make auction website on the market.

Main features of the Fiverr Script Clone Theme

Task/Job Post
WordPress 4.0 Supported
Plug and Play
Multiple Payment Gateways
Seller has control
Email Notifications
Facebook Integration
Twitter Integration
Bitcoins Supported
Blog Support
PayPal Integrated
Google Support
Lifetime Support
Payment Gateways
Private Messaging
Credit System
User Profiles
Multi Currency Support

Customization theme support and immediate customer assistance is the key to offer excellency with your item and that’s the reason why only Sitemile is providing it. Study more functions about Fiverr clone sites.

Top Fiverr clone WordPress sites

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How to earn creating a Fiverr clone sites, You can make site like Fiverr using Sitemile Pricerr WordPress Theme.

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