Comment Spamming of your Blog and Websites

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Comment Spamming of your Blog and Websites

Here I am going to tell you about most secrets and very important thing for your website and blogs and Comment Spamming, do you know about comment spamming which you are getting from the internet traffic. I will tell you the complete information about that.

Comment Spamming

  1. What is comment spamming?
  2. How it affects your blogs and website?
  3. How it is related to your website’s page rank?
  4. How to prevent it to use Nofollow
  5. Conclusion
comment spam

What is Comment Spamming?

We are talking about comment Spamming, it is the comment or text with some links which you receive in your blogs and website’s post, You are having lot of posts in your blogs, Internet Spammers or we can say, Black HAT SEO people who try to give link of their website with those comments, they only want to improve their website ranking. That is why they start giving same type of comment in many related website of their niche.

So, if you do not keep moderation, then the spam comment automatically appears with their links in your blogs and it hurts your website ranking. How it hurts, I will tell you further. Internet Spammers use the wrong techniques to improve their link building. So be aware from that, I will tell you further how you prevent from that. Now you got understand, what spam comment is? Your all comments have mixed with good one and bad one, you have to recognize about that and approve it after checking up.

comment spam

How it affects your blogs and websites?

You just keep posting in your blogs and getting lot of comments all over the world, if you are getting comments with website link, stand your ear with that. There is lot of people do blog commenting either manually or from software. It might be hurt your website ranking.

You are having many posts in your blogs, and in every blogs you are getting comments, it is worse to moderate your comments easily, what people do, they select all and approve it without seeing it is spam or real one. What happens, it affects your website ranking in the search engines. They can decrease your searching ranking in Google; you begin to keep behind from your competitor. So be attention about that.

How it is related to your website’s page rank?

Till now you knew how your page ranks down from spam comments. I will tell you if any spam sites which Google already penalized it and they commented in your blog with their links and you approve it, what happens then, you also might be penalized from Google, your page rank will automatically down, you could not be analyzed about that. Your website could go to sand box, not listed in Google search engine. So be aware. Now you know about that, so be aware again I will tell you.

How to prevent comment spam to use Nofollow

Definitely you would be thinking to prevent from comment spamming, there are some techniques used to follow:

1.When you receive same kind of comment more than one time with same link, you just spam that comment will never appear in your blog again.

  1. If you want that comment should be appear in your blog, so use this code in their link

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Comment spammers</a>

Nofollow will tell google crawler not to follow that link, it is external link, so that this link can not count in search engine and does not affect your ranking in Google.

  1. Use Captcha to prevent auto commenting
  2. Just close commenting for that post which is older than 2-3 months etc.
  3. Use automatically add Nofollow to comment columns and message boards, if you think your commenter is really ethic, so no need to use Nofollow.
  4. Do not forget turning on comment moderation

Ways to Prevent comment Spam – Suggested by Google

How To Prevent Comment Spam

These listed techniques will prevent from comment spamming.



CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and Humans Apart.


Use nofollow in your website content, if you wish to keep link in your website posting and do not want to pass your reputation on to it, means you do not want to show google about it, use nofollow there also.


If you want to use nofollow in your complete web page, you should use nofollow in robots meta tag

What is Google doing to combat the effects of comment spam?

Comment Spamming of your Blog and Websites – Share your opinion and experience on Website Commenting and comment spamming.

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