Technical Tips – 5 Easy Ways to write text in Reverse Order

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Text written in the reverse order gives a very unusual feel. People notice it and try to read what is written. As a result, it is used as a strong way to promote products / set of services. What are the options to convert normal text to the reversed form? There are several options available through which users can convert the standard text to the one that is reversed.

Reverse Text

Here are top 5 ways to generate this form of text.

Using a tool for the purpose of generating reverse text

If you compare this option to the other alternatives that exist, it is the most convenient and effective method to adopt. Text reverser involve the user to put in minimal effort and the text is reversed within no time.  Every tool is judged on the basis of how hard or easy it is to use. No one likes to select complex ones because a lot of effort is needed to understand them. On the other hand, if the interface is easy and the options do not require a lot of effort to adopt, users pick the tool. The reverse text generator is one of the simplest tools and offers several benefits to people who use it.

  • No need to use any drag and drop options

It is a fact that drag and drop options are simpler than using commands or entering text. However, even then, they consume time. This tool just requires the user to paste / type the text and then click the appropriate option. Hence, the time needed is much lesser than what you need to drag shapes and flip them.

  • A dependent tool would be time efficient

When we are performing a task, the time factor holds immense importance. It is always advisable to choose options that save time. The use of an online tool means a very small time span would be spent on text transformation. Consider that you are a product designer and wish to convert several text statements to the reversed state. Thus, you would need an option that is fast and reliable. A good online tool saves a lot of time and reverses text without any efficiency problems as well. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands, the use of this tool would help you.

  • What is the usage process like?

The usage process of the reverse text generator is an effortless one. You have to select the text which has to be converted. The tool has a text box in which you need to paste the required text. After that, you have to click the “reverse text” option and the written content would be converted. In an overall manner, the process is very simple and any user can execute it.

  • No need to use any feature offline

If you have a look at the trend being followed these days, people prefer applications that run directly using the browser. In this way, users do not have to install anything. It is not that simple to install applications and then run them. Some of them have very complicated steps involved so users are unable to complete them. The reverse text generator is an easy to use online application. It runs on the browser directly and does not require any other soft wares to be installed. Hence, if you don’t know how to run setup files, you would still be able to use this application without any inconvenience.

  • Viewing an example

Let us have a look at an example to gain a detailed understanding. Consider that the text to be converted is given as follows.

“This is a beautiful city”. The converted text would look like the following once you have used the tool.

Reverse Text Generator Tool

  1. Small SEO Tools
  2. etc

The use of Photoshop for text reversal

The use of Photoshop is another way to reverse text. However, it is important that you have used this designing tool as the options are not that simple.  Here is now you can convert text using this software.

First of all, create a new layer because the text has to be considered as an individual object to be transformed. Once the new layer has been created, select the horizontal text option from the menu. After that, write the required text in it.

The next step starts with text selection. Select the text and then click the “Edit” menu. After that, select the “transform” option and click “flip horizontal. This would reverse the text.

Using MS word for reversing text

The third alternative of reversing text is by using MS word. Users who use this option should be well versed with this software. In addition to that, it should be successfully installed. Let us have a glance at the steps which have to be completed.

To start with, open a new text box and the write the text in it. Along with that, make changes to the formatting if needed. For instance, if you have to adjust the text size, you can do that at this this stage. Similarly, if the style needs to be changed in one way or the other, it should be done before moving on to the next stage.

A change in the printer settings

This option can work if you want the text to be printed on paper. You need to change the settings of the printer being used. There is an option called “Mirror Image”. If it is checked before the print command is sent, the text would be printed in the reverse direction.

Using MS Paint to reverse text

Users can use MS paint to reverse text as well. The steps which have to be followed are similar to MS Word.  Here is what you need to do.

Create the text using the appropriate button in Paint. You can also create it in MS Word and copy it from there. After that, click the “Image” tab and select the “flip horizontal” option. In this way, the text would be shown in reversed form on your screen.

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