Top 12 Cool Features of MIUI 8

Date: September 5, 2016 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Xiaomi

Top 12 Cool Features of MIUI 8

Xiaomi has released 2016 cool new features of MIUI 8 OS for Xiaomi Mi 2/2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4c, Mi 4S, Mi 5, Mi 5 Pro ,Mi Max, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro ,Redmi 1, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi 2A, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3, Redmi 3S ,Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3 MTK, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm. so after install then you should must know everything about this new OS MIUI 8.

Best 12 Features of MIUI 8 OS

Top 12 Cool Features of MIUI 8Cool 12 Features of MIUI 8

1.New Application Manager

MIUI 8 now has more options: for example, all the browser windows now are arranged from top to bottom, and all running applications — from left to right.


2. Energy saving mode

It’s a new MIUI 8 OS feature, which disables all applications running in the background, application updates softwares and synchronization when the battery level is low. List of MIUI 8 Update for Xiaomi Smartphones.


3. QR-codes scanner and calculator

MIUI 8 there were also upgraded another two standard applications — the QR-codes scanner and the calculator. Using easy to the scanner it is now possible to identify any items in a picture and search for similar ones and Calculator App Doubles Up as a Unit/Currency Converter.



4. Mi Lanting font

MIUI 8 has a new font to replace the old font and it is called Mi Lanting New One and Xiaomi claims that it is easier for perception of the user. This font is so convenient that easy to read in open eyes.


5. New MIUI 8 lock screen wallpapers

New MIUI 8 the user sees a different wallpaper on the lock screen when it activated In MIUI 8 there were added a lot of new wallpaper and pictures Its apply easy and essence is simple.

How to download MIUI 8 on Redmi Note 3


6. Dual Apps Helps Clone Various Social Apps

Dual Apps is new another feature of in MIUI 8 that allows you to use to different account for a same app by simply cloning. MIUI 8 This is specifically use for apps like WhatsApp,Twitter or Facebook so you can keep dual apps in one device for Xiaomi Users.

Dual Apps Helps Clone Various Social Apps

7. Application Colors

Application colors of The Xiaomi designers have reworked all the colors in standard applications,so now MIUI 8 has become even clearer and more brighter Download MIUI 8 Is Here!


8. Notes Application

The Mi Notes new application in the MIUI 8 has an additional option of setting option a password on a note, and if your device has a fingerprint sensor now you can even set the additional biometric protection for certain notes.

It’s very easy and convenient the most importantly, all your personal notes are reliably fully protected.

MIUI 8 Notes Application

9. Second Space Helps Segregate Personal and Professional Life

MIUI 8 comes with an intuitive feature that allows you to create two different profiles to separate your personal and work area. This new feature has dubbed as Second Space is similar to the profiles option of Windows which allows you to log-in to a PC using two or more separate users.

Second Space MIUI 8

10. MIUI 8 Redesigned Volume Toggle

MIUI 8 features the option to control volume of Ringtone, Media and Alarm separately.comes with a tweaked volume toggles which apparently resembles the one found in stock Android.

MIUI 8 Redesigned Volume Toggle

11. Quick Ball Helps Ease One-handed Navigation

The Quick Ball new features of MIUI 8 : This is a touch assistant feature that comes built-in to MIUI 8. It’s simply a floating menu to the side that side a host of shortcuts including home, back, camera etc.

MIUI 8 Quick Ball

MIUI 8 Quick Ball Helps Ease One-handed Navigation

12. Improved Gallery with Powerful Editing Tools

Improved Gallery Powerful Photo Editor now comes with an all new Doodle option MIUI 8 has undergone a sea of change. And now comes with features like swipe up to share, Mi-cloud sync and improved photo and video editing features.

MIUI 8 Editing Tools

Source : Download MIUI 8 ROMs

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